Episode: 505

Season: 5

Chris and Joy are excited about their upcoming baptism. As they look through old photo albums, Chris wonders why his family never were church goers, as his grandparents were. Phoebe overhears this conversation and becomes emotional. Chris notices his mom's reaction, and wishes he could ask her about his questions. Superbook takes the kids back to meet Isaiah, a prophet who became God's mouthpiece. Chris realizes he can be God's mouthpiece with his mom. When he returns, his mother admits her heart has been stirred back toward God ever since Chris started talking about his baptism. Chris prays with his mom at the end, as the door to her heart is beginning to open to God again. Isaiah 6

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If you are willing to speak for God, He will speak through you.


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    Isaiah Called to Be a Prophet

    • Isaiah Called to Be a Prophet
    • The Rabshakeh Confronts
    • Isaiah Shares a Message From God
    • King Hezekiah Prays and Isaiah Prophecies
    • Isaiah - The Salvation Poem
  • Q & A

    • Will God use me as He did in the Bible to speak to others?

    • Can I depend on God alone to provide and take care of me?

    • God performed miracles for King Hezekiah, does He perform miracles today?

    • How can I serve God when I know I have sinned and feel unworthy?

    • The seraphim continually worshiped and praised God; should we praise God, too?