<h2>Joshua and Caleb</h2>

Joshua and Caleb

Episode: 407

Season: 4

Chris gets his big break to start on the soccer team. His excitement quickly fades when he finds out some teammates are willing to cheat to win. Even worse, they want Chris to help them! Chris is in a bad spot! Superbook whisks the kids back to meet Caleb, Joshua and the ten other spies sent out by Moses to explore the land of Canaan the Lord has promised the Israelites. Numbers 14:9

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Never be afraid to follow the Lord and do what is right.


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  • Videos

    Moses Chooses the Twelve Spies

    • Moses Chooses the Twelve Spies
    • Twelve Spies Explore the Promised Land
    • Spies Report and Moses Intercedes for Israel
    • Joshua and Caleb in Promised Land
    • Joshua and Caleb - Salvation Poem
  • Q & A

    • Is it okay to not follow God when I am afraid?

    • What is walking by faith?

    • Can I be defeated?

    • Do my words really matter?

    • Should I pray for others?