<h2>Naaman and the Servant Girl</h2>

Naaman and the Servant Girl

Episode: 305

Season: 3

Joy is upset because she’s in charge of a big service project. She has done all the leadership work, but finds no one is doing her bidding with the follow-up details. Superbook whisks the kids off to meet Naaman’s servant girl and follow Naaman’s story through to his amazing cure of leperosy. 2 Kings 5:4

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Learn to be humble and help others.


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  • Videos

    Servant Girl Shares With Naaman

    • Servant Girl Shares With Naaman
    • Naaman Talks To His King
    • The King of Israel Tears His Clothes
    • Elisha Hears About Naaman
    • Naaman Gets Upset With Elisha
    • Naaman Healed Of Leprosy
    • Naaman Thanks Elisha
    • Naaman and the Servant Girl - The Salvation Poem
  • Q & A

    • Why was Naaman willing to go see Elisha in Israel?

    • How did Naaman's officers advise him?

    • What did the obedience of Naaman demonstrate?

    • Why did Elisha refuse Naaman's gifts?

    • Why did Naaman want dirt from Elisha's place?