Episode: 506

Season: 5

Chris and Joy were excited about their upcoming baptism, but heavy rains are ruining their plans. Superbook takes them back in time to learn what it means to become fishers of men. Superbook also snags Ellie and brings her on the journey with them. Chris and Joy see what it's like for Ellie to see Jesus for the first time and guide her to accept Him as her Savior. Back at home, the weather clears up and the baptism ceremony is back on - including Ellie! Matthew 4:19

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I will teach you to be fishers of men.


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  • Videos

    Philip and Nathanael Share

    • Philip and Nathanael Share
    • Peter Becomes a Fisher of Men
    • Jesus Heals
    • Ellie Declares Jesus is The Son of God
    • Chris, Joy, and Ellie Get Baptized
    • Baptized! - The Salvation Poem
  • Q & A

    • What did Jesus mean when He told Peter that He would teach him to fish for people?

    • What does it mean to sharpen another person as it talks about in Proverbs?

    • Did Jesus pray to God while He was on the earth?

    • How should I respond to Jesus' voice when He asks me to do something?

    • How much does God know about me and everyone else in the world?