<h2>Elijah and the Widow</h2>

Elijah and the Widow

Episode: 408

Season: 4

Phoebe sends Chris out shopping for a list of items that she wants him to pick up at many different specialty shops. When Chris secretly decides he knows better and can get everything in a "one-stop-shop," Superbook whisks the kids away. They spend time with Elijah in Cherith's Ravine and travel with him to Zarephath. 1 Kings 17:9

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Obey even if you don't understand the reason.


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  • Videos

    Birds Deliver Food to Elijah

    • Birds Deliver Food to Elijah
    • Elijah Hears From the Lord
    • Elijah Asks Widow for Bread
    • Widow Makes Elijah Bread
    • Elijah Raises the Dead
    • Elijah and the Widow - Salvation Poem
  • Q & A

    • Do I need to understand before I obey God?

    • Why did the ravens obey God?

    • How can I be generous when I have little?

    • Can God heal sickness and death?

    • Who does God show mercy to?