<h2>Elisha and the Syrians</h2>

Elisha and the Syrians

Episode: 309

Season: 3

Joy is embarrassed by video of her eating that was posted online by a girl named Barbara. Joy plans to get even by posting an embarrassing video of Barb taking a tumble during cheer leading practice. Before she can upload the video, Superbook takes the kids back in time to witness miracles performed by the prophet Elisha as he narrowly escapes harm from Syrian soldiers sent to capture him. 2 Kings 6:18

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Show mercy and kindness to your enemies.


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    • Elisha

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    • Elijah

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    • Prophets

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    • King Jehoram

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      King Jehoram
    • Syrian King

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      Syrian King
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  • Videos

    Elijah Departs Elisha

    • Elijah Departs Elisha
    • Ax Head Found
    • King Throws Feast
    • Elisha Leads the Syrians
    • Syrians Struck Blind
    • Syrians Find Out About Elisha
    • Elisha and the Syrians - The Salvation Poem
  • Q & A

    • Should I be kind only to those who show me kindness?

    • What should I pursue and ask God for while I am living on earth?

    • Loyalty was important in Bible times; is it still important to show loyalty today?

    • In my walk with Christ, is there someone that I can imitate and follow as an example?

    • When I face difficult situations, even though I can't see God, is He with me?