Episode: 310

Season: 3

Joy hears of a little girl who was too shy to come to the amusement park. Superbook appears and sends Joy, Chris, and Gizmo to the meet Jesus as He delays going to see His friend Lazarus who was sick. By delaying, Jesus is able to perform an even greater miracle – raising him from the dead! Joy learns that God’s timing is always right. Joy, Chris and Gizmo visit the shy girl and create a series of amusement park rides even more wonderful than the real thing. John 11:44

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Wait on the Lord. His timing is always perfect.


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  • Videos

    Confrontation At The Temple

    • Confrontation At The Temple
    • Martha Complains About Mary
    • Messenger Tells Jesus That Lazarus Is Sick
    • Jesus Goes Back To Judea
    • Jesus Calls Lazarus Out Of His Grave
    • Lazarus Awakes From The Dead
    • Caiaphas And The High Council
    • Lazarus - The Salvation Poem
  • Q & A

    • Will God answer my prayer right away?

    • How important is listening to Jesus?

    • How does Jesus give me life here and forever?

    • How much faith do I need?

    • Why did Jesus weep?