<h2>Peter and Cornelius</h2>

Peter and Cornelius

Episode: 402

Season: 4

Joy and Chris are late for school and get caught by the letter-of-the-law hall monitor. Chris has been late one too many times and receives an after-school detention. Chris begs for mercy but the strict Hall Monitor has no interest in giving Chris special treatment over anyone else. Superbook arrives and much to Chris' disapproval, Superbook brings the hall monitor with them on their adventure! Superbook brings them back to a time when Peter needed to learn that God doesn't have favorites. Acts 11:1

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Pray and God's will shall be done on Earth.


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  • Videos

    Cornelius Visited By An Angel

    • Cornelius Visited By An Angel
    • Peter’s Vision
    • Peter Greets Cornelius’ Messenger
    • Peter Visits Cornelius
    • Peter Explains Actions To The Disciples
    • Peter and Cornelius - The Salvation Poem
  • Q & A

    • How should we pray?

    • How do we obey God without total understanding?

    • Is God's word alive?

    • Does God have favorites?

    • What is the truth?