<h2>The Sermon on the Mount</h2>

The Sermon on the Mount

Episode: 504

Season: 5

After hearing Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, Chris and Joy can't wait to put what they've heard into practice. Comic chaos results from their over-eager and misguided attempts to put the Beatitudes into action. SUPERBOOK shows up to take them back to hear the Sermon again--and to walk beside the disciples as even they struggle to understand and live according to Jesus' teaching. Chris and Joy witness Jesus' encounter with a Roman Centurion and learn that the Kingdom of God is open to everyone who accepts the Lord and tries to follow the narrow path of Christ's footsteps. Back home, Chris displays his new understanding at a Bible study group that the first step in leading a Christian life is admitting you can't do it without God's help. Matthew 5:1

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Jesus teaches us how to live as followers of Christ.


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  • Videos

    A House on Solid Rock

    • A House on Solid Rock
    • Sermon on the Mount Montage
    • Disciples Discuss the Sermon on the Mount
    • Centurions Servant Healed
    • Sermon on the Mount - The Salvation Poem
  • Q & A

    • Now, that I have made the decision to follow Christ, how should I live?

    • Is it possible to live like Christ by my own strength?

    • As a follower of Christ in this world, what should I seek after?

    • How can I trust that God will provide what I need?

    • Does it matter what my motive is for doing a good deed?